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"Conscious Capitalism" A wake up call for Mega Corporations

We all know what Capitalism is and how it plays a fundamental role in the life of most human beings on this Planet. 




Conscious Capitalism is a fundamental change in the role of the previous paradigm of this Economic model and its dynamics, it refers to a new set of principles where the shareholder isn't the most important figure to tend to; there are several other parties to take into account such as employees, community, environment, culture and ultimately The Earth as a whole. 




This new inclusions to the equation of conscious economics don't pretend to discard the obvious fact that the shareholders will continue to receive their piece of the pie (whether well earned or not thats another subject). What this new applicable System is looking to implement is a broader perspective of inclusion to take into account these multiple factors understanding and perhaps more importantly, acknowledging  that a new local/global/conscious approach is an undeniable obligation to any Company (regardless of its size) looking to lead the Business game. 

A good example of this (one of the founders perhaps) is John Mackey the actual CEO of Wholefoods. His success story is remarkable and his action plans very throughly executed. Having listened to him speaking his mind not only about the Company he leads but also about his personal vision to sustainability, food waste, community and the future gave me a clearer concept of what the "good" Companies will look like over the next couple of decades. This (one could argue) is a part of a larger conscious awakening by the collective in addition to the undeniable urgency to revert or at the very least diminish the harm we are inflicting to this Planet. 



One fact is clear, there are Mega Corporations that "rule" and shape a large portion of what is consumed, seen, eaten and desired; however it is somehow a relief that as powerful as these Corporations are there's an inflection point where they undeniably have to listen to what a group of people want. (Sometimes a majority, sometimes not) that is, if they wish to keep selling their products/services. That might be a good analogy to the "invisible Hand of the Market". 

Hyper communication allows to magnify the voice of people. That has its downside of course, however if applied in the right context this means a good message supported with good science and a global platform has the potential to reach millions. Once that message reaches a tipping point Mega Corps have no other option than to start listening, to adapt or improve or pay or be called on their manipulation strategies, deficient products or right out lies.

I can't help but to feel hopeful for the future, its more a choice than a premonition. I just like it better that way. It is nice to see a trend of wellness and consciousness happening as I write, without denying the suffering and the huge challenge ahead, on some regards at least there seems to be light at the end of the (endless) tunnel. 



Love, Milan P.