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"SAPIENS" A Brief History of Humankind

Before starting my writing on this great read, let me aknowledge the video chosen for this entry. It´s a general though well explained summary of the book, of course it doesn´t represent a substitute for reading it but it provides however a good starting point if you want to get a feel of what the book is about. 

Now to the entry... 

I wasn´t familiar with any of Yuval (The Author) previous work, then I started to hear about SAPIENS and Yuval itself through the most diverse of formats and that´s when I started to get curious about the book and the rest of his work. 

The book is magnificently written (I´m not a book critic nor an intelectual). It is written in such a simple and fluent manner as to guide us readers through the path of evolution of different species in a journey that is both fascinating and intriguing. 

I must say this is one of the books I´ve enjoyed the most recently (At the time of this entry) and it personally expanded my perspective about how evolution has taken place on this Earth and our active role throughout it. Furthermore I really enjoyed the pace of the book, greatly researched and beautifully presented it takes us through a journey of transformative understanding about the most fundamental aspects that constitute life as we now know it.

To conclude this entry, Yuval poses several questions towards the end of the book that not only serve as an introduction to HOMO DEUS (His later work) while letting us ponder over them with a mix of reflectiveness and caution. You probably read this book but if for some reason you still have not, make sure you do because you will certainly find it worth your time. 

Until next time, MP