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"The Flash Boys" A Wall Street Revolt

This great book by Michael Lewis is a great read for anybody who aims to understand much deeper how The Markets operate. 


I've always found the topic fascinating partly because is a direct representation of an accepted international economic system and partly because it shows how things get done in real life. Where ambition, technology and power control most (if not all) industries and in order to get ahead (regardless of the field) there's this notion that one must be fearless and almost reckless to achieve the results desired in an over competitive over saturated market.


The book tells a great non fiction story about the intricate and ultra complex financial system, and it highlights how through technology there are Companies (High Frequency Trading) who predate on its weaknesses (Meaning The Market). It gets really interesting once you get to the part where a very small team makes its mission to understand the almost impossibly complex Stock Exchange Market in order to find out the truth behind this HFT´s and its Modus Operandi. It is from this point on that the book narrates in great detail the ins and outs of the Wall Street World and its greatest players (Both HFT Firms and The Big Banks). 

Their quest is simple; first they must understand how it all works to then create a fair Exchange space where the ordinary investor cannot be ripped off. 


I really enjoyed the flow of the story as well as the highlights of the main characters involved, also (Being almost a total ignorant on the subject) it gave me a much clearer and crude perspective about the way the Markets work. There's always a reason behind every little stock change as well as there's a reason behind a huge crash as the one we experienced a decade ago. 


Having said this, is both fascinating and terrifying to know how the spheres of power control the vast majority of human beings in the World, through systems designed for those with the technology and the ambition to bend the Markets at their will. 


This book is educational, insightful and both inspiring and scary at once. A great read.


Love, Milan P.