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"WATER" A Charity that Matters


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Founded by Scott Harrison; 

The story of how this Charitable Organization came to be is very inspiring. A former Club Promoter who's life was driven by the common self gratification aspirations embedded into most of us by the current System. Being a 20 something male that means, the cars, the girls, the booze, the drugs, the party and the Ego overseeing the whole parade over and over again until it either becomes unsustainable or; as was Scott´s case, life takes you on a totally opposite new path that changes everything.  


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The beginning of this change took shape in the form of a trip to West Africa, volunteering as a photojournalist, over a period of 13 months he experienced a different reality, one that he had been completely disconnected from; a reality of poverty, abuse and struggle, resilience, courage and also; love. This "and one story specifically" motivated him to found WATER in 2006. 

There are several threads that distinguish this Charity from almost all others out there and I believe is quite fascinating to listen to the story first hand. 

This is why even though there's a lot more to it and I could write much more about it I´ll just stop here leaving you with a full and very recent (at the time of writing) interview that's worth your time, attention and money. 


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Love, Milan P.