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Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset. Choose wisely

I'm currently reading Moonshots by Naveen Jain and this is how the idea for this post came to be. 

It is mentioned in the book that a mindset of scarcity only drives more scarcity because it reinforces the feedback loop that supports it. Making it almost impossible to observe and transcend. 

On the other hand, Moonshots proposes a new vision, one involving an abundance mindset in which all conventional thought patterns and existing rules are not only brought into questioning but they're disregarded altogether. Not with any intent to be dismissive, its more about not constraining an otherwise clear perspective about opportunity, regardless of its challenges. This invites us to take our thinking to the largest expansion available to us  (a great one) in order to tackle the greatest and most challenging scenarios we can imagine. This thinking process splits twofold; first by allowing our curiosity to explore boundary less while (highly likely if successful) changing the course of any given industry, creating wealth in the process and, if taken to its highest level of expression completely transform life as we know it. 

This also means being curious about everything, in such an open and childlike way that we don't allow any preconditions to cloud our playful creativity. It is a matter of reframing and repositioning our views to address the challenge with a fresh unique perspective. 

Keeping the later in mind it is a very exciting exersice that creates space and an exalted feeling of limitlessness (in a way) propelling us closer to our boundless ultimate reality (whatever that means for you). In other words is fun! I encourage you to play with it and in order to do it well really aim to go beyond your own limitations (self imposed or otherwise) you will find, (as I have) clarity and creativity to tackle life situations in ways that you could never have thought possible or even real. 

Focus on Abundance, it will take you to the Great Unknown! 


Love, Milan P. 


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