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Arctic Monkeys. Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino.

Not sure when was the last time that I enjoyed an entire Album this much, though to be fair I must confess I listened to it while under the morning sunshine and a warm feeling of joy, therefore my chemistry must be supporting this sensation every time (of the many) I’ve replayed it.


Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino.


A concept Album filled with harmonic melodies and delicate swings, musically and vocally. Fuck, I hold such a high regard and admiration for Alex Turner, from his composing style to his elegance and understanding of a character creation along his career.

Is quite easy to follow the evolution of the band led by him, in a way that´s almost strategic (with a positive connotation).


Classic yet futuristic (such a complex combo I believe) and, as he mentioned in a couple of interviews clearly influenced by his interests at the time, composed in the Piano as the most prominent instrument; great outcome that plays organically with his interpretation style plus all the subtle add-ons to make every tune “robust”·


Overall such a great musical compilation (from my view point of course) worth writing about, it seemed like a good way to start writing about music, from a perspective of personal enjoyment a delight.