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Athleisure! Beyond Comfort & Cool

Definition: Fashion trend in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as the workplace, school or any other social occasion.


In other words, cool gym clothes that you can wear almost everywhere. There´s a deeper layer here though, meaning that comfort is merging style (women´s feet and spine must be ecstatic) or that looking and feeling comfortable is finally socially acceptable to be known as “trendy” and/or “cool”.


Personally; this is a trend that I endorse without much effort mostly because I like to feel comfortable regardless of what I wear, but there´s a balance to be preserved because like most (if not all things) good things in life too much is a no no and that´s what I’ve been seeing lately.


Brands are taking huge shifts (some more than others) to keep up with this “luxurious street style look” so much so that its not uncommon to read at least two or three articles per week of new collaborations between high end Italian fashion powerhouses and upcoming or consolidated street brands and/or items.


With this craze and the money that comes with it I keep on seeing more often than not celebrities, fashion icons and athletes mixing thousands of dollars of “Look how casual I look” kind of style.


Without balance is just too much, the idea behind a Virgil Abloh´s and a Jimmy Choo or a Warby Parker collaboration is to present magnificently the artistry of the garment.

If stuffed with similar unique pieces you get (at least from my perspective) a weird blend of colours, patterns and shapes that juxtapose on top of one another.


The result? Because everything is outstanding and unique… Nothing is outstanding and unique.


That being said I must confess I might be biased because I hold a deep admiration for classic and timeless styles and pieces, however having given it a great deal of thought (probably more than it deserves) my conclusion remains… Wear and embrace “athleisure” with moderation and balance, pick you’re “A” pieces carefully and blend them seamlessly with a chic classy outfit and gain the edge, and my respect.