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Awareness is the new Black


*Pay close attention to the video and what's happening at this time and age*

Lucky us to live in a time where the scientific benefits of meditation are widely proved and available, though we take the risk of turning it into another "goal" hence losing its very reason of being; nevertheless I still feel that being able to rip measurable benefits from such a practice is more beneficial than not. 

Now, to the title of the post. There's been an explosion of content about mindfulness, meditation and yoga in the last decade or so but more consistently and widely more accepted in the past year or two. Intellectual spheres such as the medical field on their highest levels not only accept but openly promote meditation as a practice with a measurable positive outcome. The trends on social media are less shallow and (at least to some extent) more "spiritual" "inclusive" and accepting. And of course as the masses follow a certain trend there's always the crowd that takes it to the extreme and/or is completely one sided antagonizing everything that doesn't fit with their new vision. 

I decided to write about the subject because even if meditation is far from being in a mature state within the whole of society, its safe to say that is now mainstream, which means that mankind is somehow moving (sometimes without being fully aware of it) deeper into self reflection and and self understanding, which eventually leads to tolerance and unity. 

It is exciting to fantasize about where this could lead, if meditation, mindfulness and awareness becomes the norm. I can't help but to imagine a much peaceful, graceful and beautiful world. Its been my own experience, as you jump into the abyss of the inner journey everything around you changes, fast! That is only natural and now I can clearly see that the common denominator is my new approach towards the same old situations, it was a huge breakthrough to realize that I was the one who changed, hence my way of reacting to my environment changed as well, and since I have to use language to communicate anything Its worth to mention that I definitely see it as a positive shift in my life. By no means easy, yet invaluable. 


If you are on the path to you thats amazing, I admire you and respect you deeply for it. 

If you're still figuring it out thats fine as well, if this helps remember that life; true total life experiences are found in uncertainty because that's life's very nature. I don't mean take unnecessary or stupid risks, I mean accept the beauty of uncertainty and calculated risks for thats where i´ve gotten my most cherished experiences and lessons. 

If you read through the entire thing I kindly thank you.

 Discover yourself, you're worth it.