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Einstein: His Life & Universe by Walter Isaacson


This isnt a review, this is merely me sharing my thoughts and emotions about this book.

What a great book this is! It shows a genious like A. Einstein in all its grandeure as a scientist and in his own more "humanistic" endeavors.

Its definitely one of my favourite books, not only because I enjoy reading biographies, (of remarkable men for that matter) but also because this book is greatly balanced, it takes you chronologically from his early years all the way to his very last breath in such a way that flows seamessly through his scientific breakthroughs as well as his love affairs.

It took me high and left me with deep and powerful insights about life, love, awareness, the Universe, God and a man´s quest to unravel life´s deepest mysteries. A quest that Einstein pursued all the way until the very end of his life.

Love, MP.