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Embrace your Uniqueness

"Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior and nobody is equal either" -OSHO


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First time I read this quote I pondered over it for a little while before agreeing with it. And while this is certainly true I do understand that it isn't a practical approach to the social system in place. We live in a society where groups play a fundamental role in the way we coexist and interact with each other, it is crucial to the marketers, political parties, businesses, religious institutions, universities, countries and thousand and one more "aggrupations" I can think of. 

That is an ample perspective of looking at the situation; another one and the one I want to write about today is the Uniqueness of the Individual beyond all comparison.  

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Taking a deeper look beyond the practicality for any system to group individuals, there's a clear and undeniable truth. Each one of us is unique. 

Regardless of our likes, dislikes, commonalities and differences there isn't a person that's exactly like another person. I find this extremely important if one is ever to address the question Who am I? and/or What is my place in this Earth? 

I began to understand the importance of it when I started my journey to "self discovery" (just the sound of it is kind of hilarious) and realized that even as I gained clarity about who I as and how there's no place for comparison on an individual understanding of one self, I couldn't help to notice how the mind kept feeding me endless comparison frameworks, partly (I later understood) because that is how all of us too have been deeply conditioned to endlessly compare (Once more, practical in a sense but beyond that very dangerous for the individual). 


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There's a practical and useful conclusion to the observation of all conditionings and this is it: We can now understand and embrace our individuality while recognizing our preferences, likes and desires. From there on we can work on deprograming ourselves from a system that thrives on the mases and its self acceptance (there's no such thing. If we remove a so called group individual by individual at the end you're left with 0). Thus gaining a much larger freedom derived from aware selfs (or if not fully aware, more aware) that then take better decisions, have broader perceptions creating conscious behaviors. Which I am confident would reap tremendous benefits not only for the person doing the work but also to the shift of the system in place. Technology can help to do that, meditation can help to do that, individual awakening is the way to do that. 


Love, Milan P.