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Exponential Technology and its power to change the World.

What a time to be alive! I mean it. 

While we live in an era stainted by social and political uncertanty and climate challenges that urge our immediate attention its also the first time in the history of Human Kind as a species that we have the opportunity and the technology necesary to implement and execute the strategies that will allow us not only to survive but to thrive, and that´s why I honestly feel blessed and very excited to be alive at this time and day. 

It is through the power of exponential technologies that we will be able to transcend all barriers of growth and innovation to make it in time, and what an important matter this is, not only because is our most inherently limited resource (time) but also because our entire civilization and survival depends on well; making it in time. 

What i mean by this is that we don´t have to rely any longer on large Institutions or even Countries with huge capital reservoirs to bring these new technologies to existence while compresing its execution and massive reach immensly, thus making it affortable in much less time and accelerating its progress. The image on the blog only highlights the main industries ready or in the process to be disrupted and tackled, from tracking systems that deliver information and feedback in real time, to bio technology that will help us "cure" a disease before it even becomes a problem, to AI assistants that will make us as knowleadble as the most powerful super computers available without even having to worry about where to retrieve the information from; for this and much much more I say with utmost confidence that this is a wonderful time to be alive, to dream and be creative and use the tools available to us to bring those dreams to life and change not only our life but even human´s course as a whole, it is possible to do that more than ever without utopias becasuse it is happening and the examples of it have become services from Companies that we use almost on a daily basis. 

To conclude, if we focus our time, resources and energy to create and empower technologies that will not only improve but dramatically change our experience as human beings is not only a true privilege but almost an obligation to ourselves and to the greater spectrum of Existence, doing what we can, pushing our boundaries and aiming for the Moon, as Peter Diamandis beautifuly expresses "Find your Moon shot and go for it" the larger we dream the bigger the opportunity to change the future.