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Flow States: The Key to unlock Human Potential

There’s a group of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things that are changing the way we are going to live a decade from now, maybe sooner. Some of those names are Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, Naveen Jain, Dave Asprey, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steven Kotler amongst others.

The last person I mentioned has a project called “The Flow Genome Project” which aimed to unlock the keys to measure, understand and recreate flow states. I wrote this in past tense because they’ve already achieved lots of breakthroughs and found that Flow States can indeed be created at will 

Now, what is a flow state... In very simple terms is a state in which we perform at our very best. I’ll spare you the written explanation because you will be able to watch it on the linked video.

As human beings we all have experienced flow states before, it’s a kind of selfless state in which everything seems to go right without much effort, it is also linked to a sense of time dissolution and deep focus. We’ve all had them because they’re sort of built into our biology, the interesting part of all of this is how to access them at will. Interesting because (as you will also hear in the video) it augments productivity up to 500% (read that again) for this Steven gives a great example saying: -You could go to work on Monday on a flow state and skip the rest of the week and still be as productive as you would’ve been working throughout the week- Now, imagine that you can access a flow state for two days, then it gets really interesting, plus imagine that your team is also operating under flow. The possibilities are extraordinary.

For the most part the talk that Steve does is performance and productivity focused, however I also consider important to highlight the benefits in our overall life experience, meaning that the more we find ourselves in flow states the better our ratings for overall levels of contentment, happiness and wellbeing. (This information comes from a remarkable scientist whose name is almost impossible to write known as the Godfather of Flow psychology; you’ll hear his name a couple of times on the video).

To summarize it, flow states allow us to achieve more, to learn faster, to feel happier and have a greater life experience. This is why I find the subject so fascinating and I will get into it with greater detail from now on. I’ll be glad to share what I find and how it positively impacts me.  

Love,  Milan P.