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Homo Deus. A History of Tomorrow


I was waiting to finish Homo Deus to continue posting about books, because I wanted to follow the sequence after SAPIENS and this seemed like the right way to go.


To be honest this sequel didn’t have as much impact on me as SAPIENS did, though to be fair not only SAPIENS opened a totally unknown and often ignored perspective about our history as a race plus before reading Homo Deus I had plenty of information from different sources not only about the contents of the book but also about the subjects it poses. So that should explain it.


Now, to the book itself… Yuval. All my praise (I´m not a writer) to your writing style, its full of content, great analogies and examples, simple yet very deep explanations and thorough research on almost endless sources and a wide diversity of topics. All of it very valuable to enrich a book such as Homo Deus, furthermore and since I just finished reading it at the time of posting this paragraphs; it shows great accuracy in its predictive path for the future (the immediate one at least).




I found that kind of accuracy impressive since (as I heard yesterday in a Podcast) we are terrible bad at predicting the future, mostly because we don’t know what we don’t know hence we can´t think about what we absolutely ignore.


The read is enjoyable and fluid, with such an interesting array of concepts, ideas and questions (mostly to reflect by ourselves) on what the future will look like once this new AI wave continues to learn and improve upon itself and how The Internet of All Things will change the very essence not only of our “Modus Vivendi” but also of our very core perceptions and (up to now) undoubted assumptions about life, its meaning and therefore ours.


What I concluded was, change is the very constant of life (as we have read and heard many times) so we can´t change that. Evolution is due to follow its course, through this ever-evolving technologies and systems that we (or maybe the One Intelligence of the Universe) created through us as the new set of tools towards endless evolution. What isn’t clear to anyone is; what is our role going to be in this new paradigm? And how we should approach what it seems to be an inevitable massive change on the very core of our experience as living beings on this Planet.


This is a subject I feel equally intrigued and passionate about, looking forward to see what´s next.


In the meantime, here-now.