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Incentives... What are you living for?


The concept of incentives match its been a constant subject of analysis and discussion in my life over the past year and a half, ever since I noticed that we human beings live according to a series of incentives that determine what we strive for. I don't presume this to be a novel concept by any means, still it doesn't make it any less relevant. 




For millennia we have adapted and survived as a species thanks to our ability to work in groups, or in modern terms what we know as "society" nowadays. The point of inflection seems to be how the current systems and its composition has completely (with a few exceptions) blinded to what is really important and/or why we believe, act, promote, desire and ultimately live for. 

Incentives in this context represent a direct motivation, form of retribution, payment or fulfilled desire etc... That actively makes a person inclined to take a certain attitude. 



This arises many questions. What is it that we human beings are striving for? Whose priming us to behave in a certain way? How free we really are when we live in a hyper connected hyper marketed society? What is the place for the individual, if any? These and many others are but a few examples of why this conversation matters. It is worth pondering about the true purpose behind our actions, thought patterns, desires and pretty much everything that we do and accept that we are or aren't. 



Now, the purpose of these lines is to create awareness of ourselves and rethink our position in life, at the end of the day this gives us back our personal power if you will, to conduct our lives in a way that is truly in alignment with what we really are, beyond the social construct that we have created, one that from time to time seems impossible to observe objectively. 

As I've written in previous Blog posts, it seems highly plausible that if enough "people" awaken to the reality of themselves there is a real possibility to create incredible synergies to tackle the most pressing subjects at hand; furthermore to thrive as a whole united species, enabling the right environment for all other life forms to come along, thus thriving together.

Love, Milan P.