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Leonardo Da Vinci. Biography by Walter Isaacson.




One of the best books of 2017 according to Amazon, once more Walter Isaacson delivers an outstanding work that takes us back in time straight to The Renaissance era to share with us the life of an ever curious, polymath genius and timeless artist. 




I was amazed over and over again by the observation qualities of this unique human being, represented as the highest expression of art and sensitivity in a wide array of dimensions, from architecture to engineering to painting and sculpture. 

The amount of historical research and outstanding narrative makes this book a work of art in itself, describing beautifully the accounts of one of the most creative innovative and accomplished artist. Accompanied by the wonderful life events of Leondardo this is truly a reading adventure, one that I savored until the last drop. 



Creative genius, fashion icon, revered artist and public figure, Leonardo lived fully and intensely. And myself on a very personal note am thankful for his human heritage in both amazement and admiration to both his works of art as well as his unique approach to Life. 

Leonardo continues to be such a great Master hundreds of years after his death; in a matter of speaking that is a compelling meaning of transcendence. 



Love. MP