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Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

I got the recommendation to watch this Documentary by a close friend with whom I rarely discuss topics such as Fashion, for that reason when he mentioned it my interest suddenly spiked. I like fashion, a lot; its one of the many mundane/divine subjects I'm interestedly curious about. However this doc wouldn't have been my first go to option for a Documentary.

After watching it, I was left with the impression that Manolo Blahnik is a very rare, special and remarkable man. He led and still leads a life filled with beauty, from natural to fashion beauty, from literature to shoes of course. 


He's unique (He really is) eccentric in a non entitled or narcissistic way, more of a child like beauty and curiosity towards beauty and grace. That was my takeaway of the Documentary, not only learning about his story and of course his successful business model and huge brand name but also his deep fascination with shape, texture, colors and the artisanal process that goes into creating a pair of his shoes; plus his joie de vivre and unique vision of the World. 

Wether you're into fashion or not this Documentary is worth your time for it deepens one's understanding and appreciation about a wide ranging variety of subjects. 

If you do give it a try, enjoy!