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Moonshots. The Art of Thinking Big, Really Big!

I first read this concept "Moonshots" from a great book called "Bold" by Peter Diamandis. It is basically a challenge to think big, and once you think you are thinking big then thinking much much bigger; as big as you can possibly imagine. Crazy yes, useful hell yes. 





A couple of days ago I came across Moonshot thinking once again in the Bulletproof Radio Podcast with Naveen Jain. 

In that conversation, Dave Asprey and Him discussed the fundamentals of Moonshot Thinking and how to think big enough to change the lives of millions if not billions of people. 

What struck me the most about it was the eloquent and casual communication style employed by Naveen to convene some of the biggest and sometimes crazy sounding ideas about how to change, impact and improve the World (and its surroundings). 




It reminded me that we are indeed the creators of the Universe around us, meaning that we determine the quality and extent of out thought process, if we limit our creative thinking to fit it into a narrow and constrict reality we are already limiting our capacity to envision solutions and alternatives that go beyond our usual mental process. 

To this point, I loved the principle that once you engage into this creative moonshot no limit thinking, its really possible to begin to actualice (mentally at least) a step by step process in order to solve great challenges. It isn't not so much about the how as it is about what would it require to be achieved; either a certain kind of technology, device or computational power to name a few.




I find this concept of limitless thinking so alluring for the simple fact that it gives us back the opportunity to think freely and boldly and wildly, and if we take a step forward we might start to bring to fruition our vision for the betterment of the Status Quo. 

I highly recommend you to check out Bold and Moonshots (which I just add to my ever growing list of books to read). At the very least you'll find it interesting, practical and (if you're a bit like me) even inspiring. 


Listen to the full Podcast Episode here

Love; Milan P.