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Osho International Meditation Resort. The Trip that Changed my Life.

My arrival to the Osho International Meditation Resort 

My trip started months before I actually travelled. At the time I use to live in a small city which gave me plenty of “empty” spaces throughout the day that I would profit to read (mostly).


One of those books told the story of an OSHO Sannyasin and her journey living in different communes and countries around the World, she would explain in great detail her struggles, joys, challenges, love affairs, insights and much more. Half way through the book I had already decided that I wanted to travel to the place she had spoken about.

It took me a couple of months to get my affairs in order before embarking on a 3 day travel across the World (literally) to finally end up in Pune; happily exhausted I had arrived, at last!


It was a lovely morning, having arrived around a quarter to eight am there wasn’t still anybody to receive me and guide me through the welcome process. So at the gate I was told to wait at the Welcome Center for an hour or so to be taken care of. I started to observe with awareness the beautiful surroundings, with all the greenery and carefully curated spaces that made me feel peaceful and grateful for the mere pleasure of existing.

Right around 9:00 am there was movement in the Welcome Center and I was gently given the introductory information and instructions before being able to enter the Meditation Resort, some of that included providing my Passport, confirmation of personal information and an HIV Test (which apparently its not performed anymore).

None of that really bothered me, I was way too excited and though extremely tired the people that took me through the process was kind and knowledgeable.


As a final step before going in I was told to go across the street to the Meera Shop where I would purchase a maroon robe and a white robe for the Evening Meeting Meditation (Though if you’re planning to stay more than a couple of days I highly recommend getting a couple more of each).

After my purchases I was able to enter the OIMR and directed to the Multiversity Office to finish up the checking in process and then attend the Welcome Morning Instruction Process.


The Welcome Morning is a set of explanations done everyday for newcomers to understand the dynamics of the Meditation Resort, it was of immense value to me since it taught me most of the do´s and dont´s while it clearly described the wide array of activities that take place in the OIMR. Starting at 6:00 am with Dynamic Meditation all day until 11:45 or so with different Celebratory Gatherings and Meditations that run throughout the day, everyday.

FYI: The Welcome Morning process has changed to a faster Welcoming process called "Welcome Hour". 

I was also taken to my room, took a tour of the place,  got my ID Pass (To enter the OIMR) and even experienced a little integration activity in between.


That being said, around 2:00 pm the Welcome Morning process had finished and I was free to enjoy the rest of the day freely which in my case meant taking a long shower and sleeping my jet lag off for the next 16 hours; that’s exactly what I did.

Next day I woke up fresh and rested. Ready for one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.

That was just the beginning.


PS. Check out the Video for my Full Impressions :) 

Love; Milan Premen.