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Reflexions on Uncertainty. The inevitability of Change


I started pondering about this long ago. No matter how safe or secure we might feel, reality does not match our expectations and desires of security and certainty. That's because the very nature of life is rooted in uncertainty, being a continuous and never ending process, this ongoing creation of the Universe changes and evolves from here (the present moment) but it doesn't seem to have (or at least we haven't discovered it yet) a predetermined destination thus taking us back to the start. Change is the only constant. 

I am writing about this because of something that happened today (at the time of this publication). I was driving back from a business trip in central Mexico with a very dear friend of mine, we were talking about a wide variety of subjects and without an apparent direction until a minute or two later we were forced into silence due to a pouring and windy rain on the highway that prevented me to see even a couple of meters ahead. Nothing really happened except I had to slow down and increase all precautions, however when the storm was over there was this profound realization. Life is like a road-trip, sometimes you get the clear blue sky, sometimes you get the cloudy and gloomy day, sometimes you get the lighting and the roaring wind and sometimes you get the rage of Mother Nature through water. 


The point being that there's always a flux to life, and that's what makes it perfect in its own imperfect way. Everything happens as its meant to happen and it is said that the wisest men have reached those peaks of consciousness through accepting the natural flow of life. Living life naturally with deep trust and acceptance for the way things occur, are and change, the leads (they say) to bliss and this high understanding and reverence for the Wholeness of Existence. 

It isn't easy though, it requires constant self-reflection and alertness and we've been programed to see things almost always in the opposite way, trying to force our views and desires on the others and on life, our own and the life of the people closest to us and secondarily the World. 

Its worth to take a step back and give this approach at the very least the benefit of the doubt and if it does pay off then great! Since we only have control (and that is controversial as well) of ourselves and our experience of life from within, I find immense value in challenging my views about life and its nuances. 

This is my reflexion... Life is uncertain, accepting that makes me a more responsible and conscious human being, by acknowledging my own limitations I can start moving towards higher planes in life. 


Chill, its all the way its meant to be. (self-talk)