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Sustainability isn't enough, however there's still a lot that we can Do.

The point of these lines isn't by any means to propose that we shouldn't do as much as possible within our reach to actively take part in helping reverse the adverse effects of the tremendous growth we've had over the last Century. It is now more important than ever to create awareness about the current state of the Planet and of course to take action and actually do something about it. 




However, after researching the subject consensus seems to be that due to the growth pace of the population, the current resources consumption and the forecast for the next decades Sustainability isn't enough. Not even close. For a moment this stroke me as sensationalistic until I revised the data, that confirms it. Then for another brief moment I got a gloomy feeling plus a kind of sadness for the broken system we've (in one way or another) helped create, and one that we still (pretty much have to) take part. 

What's the action plan then? Is there even an action plan? What are the World´s Organizations doing about it and why isn't this all over the Media?

These were some of the questions that arose in my head while revising the information that effectively confirms that if we continue our current way we will finish up the Earth´s resources taking most if not all living species with us. Making life on this beautiful Planet as we know it, terminated. 

There's a silver lining to all of this, though it might not be what you expect. 



The answer to this massive problem is Entrepreneurship. Yes I mean it! Let me explain. 

First of all, a little context. Since a while now I've been following a select group of very intelligent people tackle the greatest challenges of our time through a different kind of approach, one that entirely bypasses the current system (political, corporative etc...) by envisioning the solutions to this grand challenges and using exponential technology and an entrepreneurial mindset to do so. This means a (sometimes small) group of people actively taking action to solve this challenges in creative and truly innovative ways that go beyond the existing paradigms. This thought and action process is called Moonshot Thinking. This isn't the first time I've written about this (there's a whole other post on the subject) check it out here: however it still highly applicable to this subject and I didn't want to pass it up. 

Moonshot Thinking implies going way beyond our preconceived notions of how to solve any issue by cultivating, engaging and growing a mindset of abundance, exponential thinking and results oriented focus. This is the only way to actually solving the grand challenges of our era, wether it is clean water for everybody, renewable efficient energy, elimination of fossil fuels usage, pollution, plastic contamination and other sorts of pollution, clean air, global warming and climate change etc... 



How is this actually possible?

As I mentioned earlier, there's already a group of people working on solving these problems, they are implementing technology, reverse engineering the challenge (meaning going from the solution backwards) and then inventing (literally) what's needed to solve the situation at hand. What's most promising is the variety of examples available, it works and it is happening. If you need positive reinforcement just google these Companies: Viome, XPrize, Abundance360, Moonshot Express just to mention a few. 

If you are wondering what can we individuals do here are a couple of suggestions:

We can create and raise awareness about the way our daily actions impact (positively or otherwise) the fate of the Planet. 

We can be informed about the latest technological advances in different areas to be mindful of what's happening and if possible how we can contribute to accelerate change.

We can create alliances, groups, communities and so on in order to impulse the approval, funding and/or testing of these new technologies (with the sole purpose of course) whose aim is to solve these challenges. Awareness creation also means educating the current spheres of power about what the people tackling this issues are doing as to "invite them" (not to say demand them) to actively help out. 

We can use our social media feeds to shed light on this subject which is frankly a much better use of these platforms than to just follow fashion trends and false life ideals (by all means do whatsoever pleases you, this is just a kind invitation). 



These are just a few options to actively engage in something that is truly important for each and everyone of us, if this information somehow helps out I'm more than satisfied. 

Love, Milan P. 


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