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The Importance of Effective Communication

How good of a communicator are you?

How effective your communication is?

How much importance do you give to such matter?

These are some of the basic questions that got me pondering over this subject. 

Plus personal experiences, positive and not so bright. Culminating with listening to some of my favorite communicators. 



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Communication as such is the interaction between two beings (or more) through the transmission of a message, delivered in a way that's accepted and (preferably) understood by the two parties (or more) involved.

Easy right? Then why is it that we have so much trouble communicating properly not only to others but to ourselves as well? This is something that has gotten my attention for quite some time now; and this is my reflection. 


In order to be effective communicators we must reach out beyond ourselves to deliver the intended message in such  way that's understood by the other(s). Going beyond in this context means placing ourselves in the mental framework of the recipient(s) of the message, this is fundamental if we intent to get any message across while having the other getting its full meaning. 

This isn't easy at all, it implies a conscious effort to understand the other in such a depth that we can (if possible) adjust our narrative to their narrative and then add coherence for us and them. By this I don't mean that we must overreach and pretend to know everything about oneself or any other human being, it is important however to recognize and cultivate these conscious efforts If we want to communicate more effectively.

I've come up with my own set of rules to help myself (and maybe others) to be more effective communicators: 

  • Think what do you want to communicate before speaking (consciously).
  • Speak clearly, concisely and in a simple fashion (unless required otherwise).
  • Keep it as short as possible (without losing coherence or the core of the message).
  • Volume, intonation and speed matter. A lot.
  • Words communicate the least, mind all your other forms of communication.
  • Remember what do you want to achieve by communicating X.
  • Calibrate your audience
  • Be mindful, this is really helpful specially when your views are being challenged.
  • Keep on learning

I am aware that there are hundreds if not thousands of techniques and advice about this wide subject, these are some of my favorites.


                                                                                    Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash


To close on this subject I would like to mention three of my favorite communicators of all time. 

  1. Tony Robbins: This guy is superhuman, he's got it all. He trains for it, he lives by it and because of it. Actually my communication skills aren't enough to describe how mesmerizing it is to listen and see him. No wonder he's one of the most successful people on the Planet. (He makes huge emphasis on the subject in case you have been living under a rock for the past 3 decades and didn't know that already).
  2. Ray Dalio: I had the fortune of buying his book Principles  in an audio format which allowed me to hear him read it. His voice is elegant, soothing and clear. Eventhough I prefer to read than to listen to a book I recommend that if you get anything from Ray listen to him, its totally worth it. By the way he's also one of the most successful person alive.
  3. Seth Godin: I just listened to a conversation between Seth and Tim Ferriss in Tim´s Podcast (It deserves its own post) and there, I found out some more traits (fantastic ones) of what it means to be a great communicator. Seth´s incredible at what he does, and because of that and because he is a true profesional he has developed the wisdom, yes wisdom to communicate in a way that conveys all messages in an effortless yet fully comprehensible way. It was a very enjoyable and educating experience, because of the knowledge shared plus his enviable and direct communication style. Incredibly successful guy just so I don't forget. And his blog is GOLD.

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This should do it... 

Love Milan P.