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The Neutrality of Money

Money, the one thing that most people pursue in this World. 

More often than not there's the notion that money either fixes most of life's problems or at the very least provides an escape from them. 

I´d like to tackle the idea. 



Here's my opinion: In my own experience, money is neither good nor bad. Money is neutral. It does give the individual a certain level or lack of freedom, and that is a direct correlation to the amount of money in question; but only to a certain point, once that X amount is crossed the more you have doesn't necessarily gives you more freedom (choices). 

Now, from an existencial perspective about money, it is an enhancer of the individual. This means that it will amplify whatsoever that individual is aiming to bring into the World. If any given person is a hardcore Baseball fan and its given a significant amount of money it is likely that he or she would consider investing and/or buying a Baseball team out of his/her passion. 



This case can be exemplified extensively, the point here is that if somebody is aware enough, that person has a greater chance to utilize money in a creative and even beneficial way. The opposite also applies, there's been many cases throughout history where money has "destroyed" an individual, either because of poor choices or addictions or a combination of both. 

This is my most personal view, money is neutral and for somebody can be the greatest tool to live to the fullest in love, awareness and gratitude thus creating positive change while experiencing life in most of its colors. Or; money can give freedom to an individual incapable to make choices that will positively benefit his/hers wellbeing and exponentially his/hers environment. 


It all comes down to the individual experience.