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The Passion Dilemma

I recently heard someone utilize this concept to allude to the paralysis created by being interested in several things at once, and doing none of them. 


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This immediately resonated with me because more than once I have been guilty of this; There are so many things I like, places I want to explore, experiences that I want to live, knowledge that I want to understand plus much, much more. To me, life is such a rich expression of Existence through matter that I see it as and endless array of possibilities and many of them I would like to experience. 

If I allow awareness to flow through me at any given moment I enter into this space beyond time-space which is a recognition of the never-ending present moment and consciousness of everything that is. From that observer it is possible to express oneself in every moment without a feeling of limitation interfering. From this recognition all experience becomes secondary and I get to settle unto myself no matter the circumstances. There is another expression of this truth from a different perspective of my being (it might very well be the mind). 


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There's a playful approach to life that makes me feel quite light and curious, childlike. Once I embody that playfulness fully, all my attention is shifted and I see the whole World as a playground to be explored and learned from, this is when I find myself being very creative and I frankly love it. The situation unfolds as it follows: playfulness evoques creativity, creativity evoques openness and openness evoques adventure and exploration. 

I feel very grateful because thanks to that process I have been able to live my greatest adventures and learned the most important lessons. Though it isn't strategic its been wonderful.

Now, to the point. I am making it a conscious exercise to be strategic as to what I want to "achieve" in life which pretty much transates in what kind of experiences I want to live, or putted in a different way (as a great friend of mine says) "Since we are all going to die, what are we going to play in the meantime" 


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This means acting in the present moment with a clear intention and direction and enjoyment to every breath. Because one can only reach to one's destination one step at a time and IN the present moment. This has helped me manage moments of stress, anxiety and uncertainty like a pro, it really works and thanks to this beautiful information age I know why. (That's a topic for another post). 

Conclusion: If you (like myself) are passionated about more than one thing that isn't bad, au contraire what is needed is to frame your perspective and vision in a way that everything you do aligns with that strategic game (deliberate use of the word) and maybe most importantly take action, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant. Act despite the inner chatter and self judgment (they are useless). Sooner rather than later you will start to see amazing and surprisingly tangible results. 


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I have my own experience to vouch for this. 


Love, Milan P.