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Total Responsibility, The Ultimate Form of Freedom

To explain my point and tackle this subject I would like to jump ahead of all the times we've been told to be responsible, the lectures we've had about it, the comparisons and advise (useful or not). I would like to start right at this very instant, this very moment wherever we find ourselves in life, because it is only in this moment and then on that we can do anything about anything. 




I didn't use this title "Total Responsibility, The Ultimate Form of Freedom" because its catchy (I think it kind of is), I rather chose it because its true; True in the sense that if and when somebody takes full responsibility for his or her own life, its outcomes, emotions and lessons that person stops being a slave and starts to be in charge of his/her life. That is not to say that we are ever in "control" because Life by its very nature is unpredictable, what I mean by that (If it isn't obvious already) is that we stop giving control of our life to anything outside ourselves. This is huge if we are able to take it in, fully and consciously. It means that while we cannot predict what life is going to throw at us at any given moment we do have full control of how we respond (rather than react) to it; and that, its greatly empowering. 

It also shows that we are humble enough to accept that all of our previous decisions have taken us to this very moment, and there's always a lesson behind every event (regardless of our perception and classification of it). If something "good" happens there's a lesson to take in, same goes for the opposite scenario and the more we practice this conscious observation as to acknowledge the Neutrality of Life outside of our own preconceived notions the larger the space to shape reality responding moment to moment. 


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It is easy to confuse responding to every moment with being a drifter, that's not the intended point. Its perfectly valid to have a vision and to go out and execute that vision with all our capabilities, reality is that we can only act in the present moment because "it is always the present moment" that also means that this very moment is preceded by the one just passed thus our actions have impact and we will reap the consequences of our actions represented as benefits or damages. Hence is very important to recognize that while there's no other moment except this one we can still give direction to our life by our moment to moment choices. 

Full realization of these principles give the individual a kind of freedom that goes beyond the social boundaries created by the systems we accept as our reality and that attempt to define our role as beings on this Planet. 

Freedom equals Total Responsibility. Total Responsibility equals Freedom. 


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Love, Milan P.