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Wild Wild Country. The NETFLIX Documentary

Thoughts on Wild wild West Documentary.


It is almost unfathomable how human beings are that stupid and conditioned, after seeing the documentary series on one version about what happened in Oregon I feel so deeply disturbed, sad, angry and disillusioned. Humanity has no salvation because the balance of power vs individuality vs freedom is entirely upside down in almost every level of life as we know it. 

It is deeply heart breaking how over the ages the power of ignorance and fear has ruled the lives of millions of people, whom by the way can only be blamed for their own stupidity and conditionings. How you explain light to a blind man? This has been happening over and over again and, as with many subjects that require deeper analisis, individual experience and exposure; most people see only a small fraction of the whole (truth) picture, leaving them once again biased and with very strong but inconclusive opinions. 

This turns public opinion about almost any subject into a circus of preexisting thought patterns deeply influenced by the spheres of power or as we see in this Documentary, society. A sick and clearly unfair society that has evolved over hundreds of years out of ignorance, fear, repression and hatred. 

Love, compassion and kindness towards one another are forms of beautiful but rarely first hand experiences in yesterday’s and today’s World, everybody speaks about it and surely if we are asked we’d say with confidence that we long for it and that those “should be” the fundamental elements of our way of living. Yet at the very first turn humanity keeps on living this half life out of comparison, racism, war, segregation, greed, hatred and power craze. 

It happened to many Masters throughout history (and surely many more that we didn’t come to know of) amongst the most famous is of course Jesus, but there have been many other whose fait has been just as cruel if not more so. 

With pain in my heart and deep sorrow I frankly have no hope for collective social awakening, as I’ve (surely mistakenly) quoted OSHO in conversations with friends “Both the beauty and the curse of Truth is that its individual” It can’t be directly transmitted in any form or way but from an individual happening within the experiencer itself. Hence it is much easier to disprove it and antagonize it than to do the work and live it for oneself. 

I love the teachings of OSHO because they comprise the entire beauty of existence and leave nothing out of it, it isn’t repressive as most spiritual teachings have been down the ages, it is for Life and not against it; then again given the past and present estate of affairs in society today anything that challenges the Status Quo as we clearly see on the Doc series will be met with deep anger and fear, which when combined bring out the worst in Men. All of its proceeding of course being backed up by the so called modern laws and social structures and Constitutions and legalities and economical, political and established religions whose main purpose is to continue to lead the herd of sheep we call Society in the ways that they themselves were conditioned to follow. The blind leading the ones in deep sleep, creating a looping effect that requires serious and introspective work to observe and a deep longing and love towards oneself and the whole to even begin to understand let alone live by. 

Humanity can only thrive individually, and individuals can only thrive through their own inner acceptance, love and compassion. With freedom as a fundamental law to raise one’s consciousness, mind should be used as the magnificent tool that it is, but not more; recognition of our own sense of Unity with the Whole must be the foundation of all human interaction, beyond banalities and imposed differences.

 Religion, nationality, race, gender, sexual preference and all other divisions are mere noise in the periphery of the mind (with a small m). Beyond its practical purpose of living in the World they should be given a background role for what they are, as opposed to allow them to rule and dictate the way we experience life as Humans on this beautiful Earth.

Love and Awareness are the paths that reach to the same Ultimate Destination which is the recognition of oneself‘s true nature. Meditation is the device to go through that path.