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You can't do everything that you want but you can Be everything that you are

This phrase alludes to the fact that most of us (with the best of intentions) were told that we could become anything we wanted and do everything we set ourselves to do. With a few exceptions that is certainly not true. For example: If you grew up wanting to be a Doctor, had the discipline, education, resources, drive, patience and talent you might ultimately become a Doctor, this highlights some of the intrinsic complexities of the statement; because we as human beings are endless proceses continuously changing, therefore what we might want at a moment might change the very next one. The example serves as a reference of the exception to the rule, professional athletes could be a good example of another one in which you chase something for most of your life until you're proficient enough to do it at a level that requires you to do not much more and call it a career. 

The truth is that its not the way it happens for most of us, there's just not way I can become Lebron James (or even a professional NBA player for that matter) no matter how much I was told I can do anything I set myself to do, nor I can (or want) become President of de United States. I gave the phrase considerable thought because it can (and many times does) create great amounts of frustration, anxiety, fear and a sense of incompletion; simply because is impossible to live up to the standards made up by the society, religion, family (amongst many others) and derived from all those conditionings over the years we continuously fail to acknowledge and cherish our uniqueness. 



There is a way to shift the paradigm from within, it requires a good deal of self reflection and introspection to gain a certain degree of clarity as to how we have been conditioned and how in order to shake ourselves out of it and learn to recognize and accept ourselves for what we really are; full unique human beings. From that clarity and recognition we can then move to live in such a way that truly aligns to what we find meaningful and worth doing while being alive, this not only goes way beyond a sense of purpose (which is useful but still created by the mind) it also serves us as a constant reminder that no matter the outer circumstances or stage in life we are currently transiting there's an underlying acceptance for everything that we are and for reality as it is. 

This speaks to our so called "better self" though I would like to take it a step (or many steps) further to appeal to our "actual self" so we can engage in life fully and autonomously, in freedom and self love. This I consider the beginning of a sustainable form of change towards a more "enlightened" (minus the spiritual heavy connotations) humanity. 


PS. I got the idea from the Podcast "The School of Greatness" where the phrase was used as a reference point to share an idea. Originally mentioned in a talk by Jay Shetty

Love, Milan P.