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Black Edge. Inside information, Dirty Money and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on WallStreet

I´ll start this post by saying that I finished this book in about two days, and I really wasn't in a rush. 

Also, Its on the Business section because is fits perfectly there. 

If you're into the dark side of things kind of subjects (as I sometimes am) you'll understand why. Though it isn't fiction, it reads as such which to me meant great fluidity and complexity to a great story that intertwines such different realities in ONE great plot. 

I was a little reluctant to share the interview on the video section of this post, because it gives away a little too much of the book, however I decided to do so because it also provides an overall panorama of what the book, and furthermore the Hedge Fund Industry is all about. So even if you don't read the book just by listening to the interview you´ll get a good feel of what is going on and why it matters. 

What I take from this great read is how everyone involved in the story acts from their own stand and view points, which from my perspective and extrapolating it to the greater scheme of things is pretty much the way most of us operate. What I mean by this is that when is not your story all those different narratives that people play in order to achieve their goals, desires or to run away from fears and insecurities become a lot clearer, it might seem like an odd conclusion to get out of a book based on a multi billionaire and his Company, but it was indeed a revelation for me to clearly observe how all these little pieces of a larger puzzle struggle to fit themselves in whatever position suits them the most. Including Governments and its Agencies, Companies and of course; individuals. 

Though not all sweet this is a book that I enjoyed quite much even while reading through the hard truth about the system that we currently live in. (I'm not for it nor against it)

As usual I finish this post by wishing you something cool today, Peace.